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“Hi guys

I’m running the London Marathon this week and have created a one page website – Beats Per Mile which will be tracking my progress live, pulling in tweets and  instagram images from nearby spectators and streaming my music live as i am running.

I wanted to create a one page website in order to communicate all aspects of the project as quickly and succinctly as possible. Anyone visiting the site can find out why it is there, who i am raising money for and the influences that inspired the project, without having to disrupt their user journey.

In order to support the simple, non disruptive user journey and engage people in the project quickly, photography was key to conveying the theme immediately alongside uppercase strong typography and copywriting. We used diagonal uphill lines to represent the theme of working towards a target  and to differentiate between the different sections coherently. The panels and floating navigation bar allowed us to experiment with a wider colour palette and incorporate all colours from the varying sections into a one page design”


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