OnePageMania only features websites that have only one page. Meaning, we only add websites that have only one page (one, uno, single, um, eine). If your site has a home page and about us page, or whatever… we will not post it to our one page website gallery.

Sites we allow:
  • One Page Websites that have flash in the page. (Headers and menus are fine, as long as the whole page is not Flash)
  • One Page Websites that have a blog.
  • One Page Websites with pop-up windows and contact forms.
  • One Page Websites with external site links. (Links to your friend’s site, or your social pages are allowed)
  • One Page Websites that have different pages for different languages. (Each language page must have the same one page design)
  • One Page Websites with links to terms & conditions pages, or privacy policy pages.
What we Do Not allow:
  • Full flash websites. (Why would you want a full Flash site anyway?)
  • Spammy landing pages for a domain. (Most of these have bad designs anyway and will not be submitted anyway)
  • Websites that contain more than a single page in the root directory. (ie: ../about.html, ../about/, etc)

Read the FAQ page if you are unsure what a single page site is, or have questions about one page websites.

If the website meets the above criteria, please fill in the details about it.

Fill in as much information about your one page website as you can. The more information you add, the more people will like it and visit your site.

  • Your email will not be shared with anybody.
  • eg. One Page Site, not ONE PAGE SITE
  • This is the web address of the one page website submission.
  • Add the FB URL of the site so people can follow it!
  • Add your Twitter Username so we can notify you when the site is up (NOT required).
  • If you know the designer's name, add it so they can get some credit.
  • Add the Designer's URL too!
  • Please select a category that best matches your one page website. You can fill in any secondary categories below.
  • Check the elements that your one page website features. Be accurate and don't check features you are not sure what they are. These help people search OPM for matching sites.
  • Must be under 400KB file size and exactly 1080px wide and 676px high. Must be a screenshot of the actual website, not your company logo. (do not rotate image)
  • Tell our readers about your single page website. Anything interesting, new technology, or cool code? What difficulties or obstacles we faced? What was the objective of the design? Any hidden easter eggs?
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