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The awesome folks at Beard Design built this great one pager in celebration of ‘Diwali’, or a festival of lights celebrating in Autumn. This site’s intro is awesome, their dog Bodoni is riding a motorcycle with an animated background and “Rider’s of the Storm” by the Doors fittingly playing in the background. The top portion of the site is dedicated to Diwali, and they have some of their past work under it. Way to go Beards!

We’ve made something special for you this Diwali. A short animated journey, built entirely in code (no Flash or anything evil!). See how Bodoni, our dog, discovers the sights and sounds of Diwali in a city. Have a look and tell us what you think. And wish you a Happy Diwali! :-) We’ve built this to work on devices of all sizes. But you’ll enjoy it best if you see it on a laptop / desktop. And don’t forget to turn on the sound.

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  1. Voya Inkognito says:

    love the animation!

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