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“A custom designed/developed portfolio site for a Brehmlab Ltd, a video production and post-production studio in New York City. We custom-tailored the site around their work. With clients like Beyonce, Brehmlab doesn’t need to say much, their work does the talking.

The site is extremely concise with only three sections: a landing page, gallery page and a video player page. The interface is entirely interactive, everything animately responds to the user. The site narrative revolves around the video player. Find a video, watch the video, read about the video, watch another video.

The video player is designed to immerse the viewer in each video. Interface elements like navigation, video descriptions, playlist and player controls are unobtrusive, yet intuitively available.

The website makes use of Vimeo’s API to play videos, display descriptions and sort videos from Brehmlab’s Vimeo account. The backend is custom designed/developed as well to provide Brehmlab’s clients with an elegant way to exchange project files.”

-Curiouser Creative Studio

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