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Blenderbox started the 5:30 Brew project in Fall of 2011 in an effort to create some seasonal gifts for our clients, partners and friends. It’s worth mentioning that beer brewing has been a part of the Blenderbox culture for several years now but it wasn’t until 2011 that we got good enough to actually share the beer with anyone.

We had to decide on the name of the beer, 5:30 Brew, born out of the informal policy of not being allowed to drink until 5:30 on workdays. This was followed by a show of hands on what beers to brew. We decided on an IPA and Brown Ale to start with because of the mid-fall season when we started brewing.

Upfront, we wanted to share the beer making process because truth be told, it’s not that hard. Adding in features like Share your Experience (which we hope will be love letters from our clients) to Ask the Brewmaster (we hope to get some Dear Abby-type questions), we wanted to add light and refreshing ways for users to interact with us.

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