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Clean looking one page site for film composer Florian Tessloff. His single page portfolio site has music samples and screenshots of film covers his work was featured in.

As part of a comprehensive rebranding Convoy built a nice little website for Hamburg based film score composer Florian Tessloff. An extra plus of this one-page approach is that visitors are able to listen to Florian’s music while navigating through the site.

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3 responses to “Florian Tessloff”

  1. /be/tar says:

    The website is great. I like the design and the coloring. Hail to the designers.

  2. miacevedo says:

    It is a nice site. Simple, easy to read and navigate… all qualities of a great one page website. Good job Convoy.

  3. Convoy Interactive says:

    Thanks a lot guys!

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