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Great one page site by The New York Transit Museum, ‘Grand by Design’ is a digital home for the multimedia exhibition Grand by Design: A Centennial Celebration of Grand Central Terminal.. Love the about section with the animated profiles. I’ll let you get to reading their notes about the site:)

The New York Transit Museum is thrilled to announce the launch of Grand by Design Online, a digital home for the multimedia exhibition Grand by Design: A Centennial Celebration of Grand Central Terminal. The exhibition made its debut in Vanderbilt Hall in conjunction with the Centennial’s opening ceremonies on February 1, 2013. Now this in-depth look at one of the world’s great landmarks moves to a permanent online base at

The website allows readers to scroll through nine different sections following a narrative from early railroading in New York to the creation of Grand Central Terminal and the diverse roles it has played for travelers in its illustrious and tumultuous one hundred years of existence. The clean, vertical layout is packed with information in a variety of formats, with text supported by archival photographs, drawings, video footage and fun facts. Four video interviews from historians and workers in the Terminal provide personal perspectives on what makes Grand Central truly one-of-a-kind. The website makes available for free worldwide the extensive research and stories compiled by the Transit Museum since preparations for the exhibition began in 2010.

Grand by Design was the largest exhibition ever undertaken by the Transit Museum. Wall projections, dramatic lighting, and large panels used the Terminal itself as an artifact, taking advantage of the expansiveness of Vanderbilt Hall. Grand by Design Online incorporates elements of that original design, giving viewers a sense of the physical installation. A twenty minute video follows a walking group tour around Vanderbilt Hall, time-lapse footage captures behind-the-scenes exhibit assembly, and high resolution photos of the exhibition are available for browsing. Discover Grand Central Terminal today at

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