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Joe Barbieri is an internationally esteemed italian chansonnier.

“Like the painter Plasson in the novel “Ocean Sea” by Alessandro Baricco used to paint the sea using the sea water obtaining smooth and intangible paints, almost white, it could be said that Joe Berbieri sings the air through the air, the absence through the absence, the empty space through the empty space.
An almost never perfect guitarist; a singer that seems to whisper in your ears the inexplicability of a perturbation; a delicious and meticulous singer-songwriter, who tells about even more dry and evanescent things.”

This stimulating Rebranding project is related to the publishing of the long awaited new album, named “Respiro” (Breath), published last March the 20th. Thanks to the international appreciations gathered through the years, this album will be launched worldwide in more than 62 countries.

Sublimio has been responsible for the whole Brand renewal, from concept to print and web applications: Rebranding, Visual Identity, Branding Applications, Online Experience (mobile devices versions included) and full CMS.

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