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One page lander with a free music download by Lords of the Mountain, an Instrumental Folk Metal band.

“Through their music, Canadian group Lords of the Mountain explores the vast beauty and unforgiving nature of earth and the universe. Combining the technicality and power of Scandinavian acts such as Wintersun and Moonsorrow, with the rich, emotional atmospheres of soundtrack artists including Jeremy Soule (Skyrim), Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy) and Glenn Stafford (Warcraft, Starcraft), the band is carving a niche within the unexplored genre of instrumental folk metal.

Their story begins in 1995, when Andy Hollander (ex. Nebucadnezzer) and Gio Ledda (ex. Nebucadnezzer) started writing music together at the age of eight. In 2000, Griffin Kissack (Dark Forest, ex. Kobra and the Lotus, ex. Nebucadnezzer) and Don Mitchell (Cybermage, ex. Dark Forest) joined the collaboration, which resulted in various projects over the years. In 2007, Lords of the Mountain officially formed and released their first, self-titled demo. Soon after, Michael Braun (ex. Nebucadnezzer, ex. Kobra and the Lotus, ex. Urheimat) completed the lineup and together they performed at Noctis Valkyries festival.

After a seven year hiatus, the band has reunited with greater clarity and a refined creative vision. One by one they will release songs of uncompromising quality, available for free to the public. With no delusions of fame or fortune, the band simply aspires to move their audience in a meaningful way.”

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