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Cool illustrated one pager by Kyle Gillen, a UX Designer based in Brasil. His site uses a custom cursor, which makes it easy to navigate his site… just click and it scrolls to the next section. He has a long description, so I’ll let him take it from here:)

Howdy O.P.Maniacs! Well, it was a labour of love. I just wanted something different to represent myself with. The animation/interaction on the ‘Them’ section is all CSS. After seeing Apple’s new 5C page, and the way they implemented the scrolling I really wanted to implement that, but then seeing the majority of feedback on hijacking the scrollbar was outrage – I reconsidered. Maybe for the next update. I tested it on an MBPR, iPad & iPhone on major browsers and minimised the issues where I could. At the end of the day it’s fixed-width responsive (oxymoron?) – so there’s some issues. If you run into any major ones please let me know :)

There’s some nice easter eggs like the 404 page, the retro browser page (/ie.html) and the comment in the source – but nothing uber fancy. I used HTML 5 tags against my better judgement solely because recruiters always ask me if I have any examples of supporting ‘HTML 5’. For the record, as of last year they had no semantic significance seeming as they didn’t affect the document outline, so I was just using aria roles – this is a novelty piece though, so no biggie I reckon.

What else… oh, I used prefix-free.js because i get sick of cluttering my code with prefixes (even if it is Sass).

Hope you like it. Tchau x

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