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Awesome to see big companies using single page sites. This one pager for Samsung is a great example of how companies can show off a product with a completely different look and feel in a microsite. It really sets the mood and shows off the product nicely. Nice work Designfever!

Designfever was tasked with creating a microsite that would introduce Samsung Electronics’ OLED TV to the world. The microsite conveyed the luxurious nature of the curved screen by including lively interactions that reiterates the slogan ‘Life in Every Pixel’. By simultaneously presenting the elegance and functionality of the TV, users are able to get a better understanding of the product and the benefits provided by such a unique viewing experience. In addition to the microsite a minimal and elegant mobile site also demonstrates the beauty and innovation found on the OLED TV.

When creating the microsite we focused on the unique viewing experience created by the curved screen, the real essence of the OLED TV. We structured the site in a way that allowed people to focus on the luxurious exterior of the product allowing them to visualize the product’s benefits. The majority of the microsite focuses on visual comparisons between Samsung’s OLED TV and regular televisions, allowing for a memorable second-hand experience of the product.

To keep users visually stimulated and interested in all aspects of the product, dynamic visual interactions and movies were integrated throughout the microsite. Users can use their mouse or keyboard to make instantaneous comparisons to understand how features like blur-less motion, true-to-life color, and ultimate contrast make the product truly stand out from the competition. The convenience and ease of the multi-view function is also recognizable by simply watching a video.

Samsung one page website

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