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Hairy one pager for some friends growing a beard for a carnival. Their description below explains how the images scroll when you click one.

The objective was making a simple and goliardic page to showcase our growing beards.
If you click on an image, it will load a timelapse sequence that documents our day-by-day look.

The big challenge was finding the best way to make the timelapses work.
CSS sprites weren’t big enough after 3 months of daily pictures (even if they ran more smoothly) and using an image tag refreshing the src attribute did not fit the fluid/responsive idea for the layout..

Images are loaded directly from a Pinterest Board feed where me and my friends are pinning our daily selfies..
The lack of an API and the need for different-sized images were a challenge too.

I finally choose not to use any javascript library (i.e. jquery) for speed and mobile batteries purposes.

I also tried to make the interface as minimal as possible, avoiding all the non-strictly-necessary things..

viking times

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