Visual History of Computing

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Take a walk down memory lane with this interactive one pager about the history of computing. Akita looks at how modern computers have been developed since the first truly programmable digital computer COLOSSUS was engineered in 1943 to today’s Windows 8. This one page site uses complex flat illustrations and smooth scroll with a color changing background (parallax) as you scroll.

With the 70th anniversary of Colossus, the world’s first truly electronic programmable computer, just around the corner, IT services firm Akita take a look at the progress we’ve made in the computing arena.

The website features a timeline of around 2000 words, describing the general trends and key dates for the computing industry within each decade. It uses CSS3 and HTML5 technologies, as well as a JavaScript library called Skrollr for assistance with the animation. Each decade was researched and then illustrated with bespoke graphics that work across all devices. The page is also available as a static JPG image via an embed code within the page. Please view the web page and share if you enjoy it

A visual history of computers

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