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Xavier Faudot’s one page site with big background images and neat portfolio section. One thing that looks like it can br improved is that full-screen form… otherwise, great one pager:)

New responsive one page portfolio of Xavier Faudot, graphic designer junior based in Lyon, France.
Black and white provide clarity and sobriety, while color touches -brought by photographies and icons- break monotony and dynamize the whole page. The serrated separator between sections and the diamond shaped icons are discrete and permanent reminders of the visual identity.

xavier faudot

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One response to “Xavier Faudot”

  1. Hi there!
    I’m Xavier Faudot, and first of all, thanks for the publishing! that is great!
    I’m not a senior in webdesign, so i have a lot to learn!
    I’d love to know : what do you mean when you say that my full screen form could be improved?

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