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Awesome interactive landing page that shows how the brain is mapped out and promotes their 84 strategies for quicker learning. This one pager was designed by Green Chameleon, the design company that brought us another featured site of the day, Life Fitness at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics site. This site is uses an illustrated rotating 3D brain for information. It can take a while to load, but it’s worth the wait:)

We faced various obstacles whilst creating the interactive brain map; the first being the overall concept and technical limitations, initially we wanted to make the brain fully rotational on both X and Y axis however the final decision came down to file size/load times and the number of frames we would have needed would result in an unacceptable load time and would have reduced the quality that we could produce each frame at. We also considered using WebGL for the project which we appreciate has come on a lot over the last 6 months however at the time that we started the project we didn’t feel it was visually up to the standard that we wanted to create and would possibly limit our creativity in terms of how far we can push the design. In the end each frame was rendered and worked up in Photoshop, we were very thankful for batch actions at this stage ;) The final point to mention is during the build of the site we created a matrix that allowed each point to be mapped on to the individual frame and ‘saved’ to ensure the rotation stayed smooth and the points remained accurate on the brain.

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