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Awesome one pager by ‘Convoy’, a design agency from Hamburg. They were the builders of Florian Tessloff‘s portfolio, the current #1 site on the Top 10 page. Their site may seem simple, but there is a lot of detail and the 3D effect is an awesome feature! Their site is also responsive, check it out from you mobile device.

Hamburg based design agency Convoy wanted to create a portfolio website that is as simple and as easy accessible as possible. Focussing solely on Convoy’s work, the website works as a framework for the displayed projects. Additional content, such as profile and contact information, is placed on a semi-transparent layer, directly upon the projects. Navigating through the site is very intuitive, buttons and navigation elements only appear if needed. The smart 3d effect when switching from one project to another gives the site an additional twist. It’s understood that the website is based on an responsive approach.

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Marc Antosch, Felix Schultze

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