80+ Of Our Favorite One Page Websites From 2013

2013 was a great year for one page websites around the web, and 2014 is looking even better! We saw new trends and techniques take off in 2013, like responsive web design, flat designs, and even more parallax than the year before. One Page Mania also had a makeover… rebranding, redesign, and tons of great new features added. Thank all of you for your support, especially from the design community for feedback and great submissions:)

So, without further ado… here is a list of our favorites (mine and yours)… made up of some of my personal favs, and the sites with the most votes from you. These are in not in ranking order, but divided up by categories. If you don’t see your favorite site, let us know to include it in the comments below. Enjoy, and don’t forget to share it:)

Our Favorite One Page Application Websites of 2013



Mooncamp One Pager Design

Love the space shuttle and crew on the moon theme, and awesome parallax animations on this iPhone app site.


How Much to Make an App?

How much does it cost to make an app?

Useful one page website with a responsive flat design that helps you estimate the question: how much it will cost to build my app?



VRS One Page App

Cool one page design concept of how Aaron Hall thinks the Purple VRS app should be. Love the design!



Fostr One Page App

Fostr is an iPhone app that let’s you share the creative projects you’ve always wanted to finish! Love the simple, flat design.


Oh Beer

Oh Beer One Page App

Choosing the right beer can be one tough decision, luckily for us there’s ‘Oh Beer’. Their single page app site has a flat design, subtle textures, and drag and drop images.



AppDock One Page Site

This one page site from AppDock, an app that helps you find and manage apps, features a clean site with subtle animations and flat illustrations.



LeadPilot One Page Site

LeadPilot, the first & only tool for the large-scale creation of keyword-related landing pages without any need for programming skills, uses a clean one pager with good use of animations to make this site very informative.



TriplAgent One Page Site

Beautiful one pager, with flat design and colorful palette, for a new application that helps you find the best places around the world.


Adrian Peterson Driven

Adrian Peterson Driven One Page Site

Single page website promoting a fitness app by NFL’s Adrian Peterson. Clean and simple site for an App that helps you achieve your fitness goals.


Our Favorite One Page Company Websites of 2013


Hexagen Design Company
Colorful parallax-scrolling one page website for ‘Hexagen’, a web agency in France.



Dashtag one page Design
Simple responsive portfolio by the guys at ‘Dashtag’ in New Zealand.


Trionn Design

Trionn Design
Colorful one page site with beautiful illustrations and animations.


Arc Design Lab

Arc design one pager

Very clean website showcasing work done by a group of designs in the Philippines.


Brave People

brave people sexy website

‘Brave People’ keeps their single page site simple using a responsive design and full-screen image header with open design.


2 Surface

One page website linked to a blog.

One-page website for ’2 Surface’ – it uses parallax scrolling with awesome large imagery for each section. Love it.


Annabelle Photography

Annabelle Sexy Photography Websites

Love the animated Sin City style intro of their photography and their logo. The black and white photos and parallax are nice, and responsive layout looks great.


Digital Cover

digital cover website

Digital Cover’s unique design is simple, but uses jQuery and HTML5 to give you the ‘cube’ feeling for the intro. Nice job thinking outside(umm inside?) the box.



Sweez single page website

Sweet one page site for a Café in Brazil.



Scytale single page website

Awesome one page website for a small design studio in Portugal.



r3ve single page website

Reve is a boutique consulting firm in the digital space with an awesome single page website. We love the main image of the owners son:)



17GRAD single page website

Unique one page design by a Germany based design studio called ’17Grad’.


HOCHBURG Design Agency

HOCHBURG Design Agency

HOCHBURG’s one pager site features a clean design and cool illustrations… with a knight theme throughout their website.


Mahuna & Mahuna

Mahuna & Mahuna

Mahuna & Mahuna is a Neuralab microsite about a company going into “Digital” era. Love the imagery on this one.


Paradowski Creative

Paradowski Creative one pager

Clean website with a large video as the background for a creative studio in St. Louis, MO.


Image Conscious Studios

Image Conscious Studios one pager

Awesome company one pager by a design studio who focuses on branding, Image Conscious Studios.


Our Favorite One Page Portfolio Websites of 2013

Wade Garrett

Wade Garrett Portfolio
Single page portfolio of Wade Garrett, a front-end web developer and designer from Birmingham, AL.


Ricard Panadès

Ricard Panadès Portfolio
Ricard Panadès’ clean and simple single page portfolio website.


Paul vl

Paul vl Portfolio
Simple one page website for Paul vl, a new web designer and front end developer.


Mr. Visual

Mr. Visual Portfolio
Mr. Visual is a friendly flat design one page website with some with clear custom icons that appear as you scroll down.


Smart Creation

Smart Creation one pager
Single page responsive parallax Web Page for an Interactive Agency known as Smart Creation.


John Monte

John Monte portfolio
Single page portfolio website designed in the browser.


Hoborg Design Studio

Ali Pordeli’s official one page portfolio website.



Freezeerz – Tray creative with Floss personal one page site.
Freezeerz personal one page site.


Adam Woodhouse

Adam Woodhouse
Vancouver based art director and illustrator Adam Woodhouse’s one page portfolio.


Made By Block

Made By Block featured site

A nice one pager for a ‘clever little agency’. We dig the simple responsive design, and animated graphics used to explain their process.


Angry Bear

Angry Bear Website

Angry Bear is featured again… this awesome one page website with incredible use of illustrations.



Inzeit one page web design

Nice portfolio site with good use of parallax… we really like their almost hidden “Featured Awards” section.


Carlos Molina

Carlos Molina

Absolutely love this one page website. This is the portfolio of developer and photographer Carlos Molina. Site has tons of cool effects and responsive design. Definitely one of our favorites.


Telegraph Creative

telegraph creative

Simple website that features big imagery, responsive layout, and warm color palette.


Modern Assembly

one page portfolio

Nice clean portfolio by ‘Modern Assembly’, a NY based creative studio. Love the pop-out bios.


Florian Tessloff

Florian Tessloff by convoy

Clean looking one page site for film composer Florian Tessloff. His site also made it #1 in the Top 10.



Responsive one page site

Responsive one page site, by French digital agency ‘bbxdesign’, with some very cool CSS3 transitions throughout.


Rafal Tomal

one pager by Rafal Tomal

Sweet new single page portfolio site for Rafal Tomal. His ‘folio work is displayed through a Dribbble feed, and the overall design is flat and the responsiveness is solid.


Rockets & Dots

Rockets & Dots single page websites

And my personal favorite one pager from November… the awesome portfolio of Rockets & Dots. Their portfolio features a clean colorful responsive design… and a hidden (sort of) GAME!


Negative Space Alphabet

Very simple, yet colorful one page site with clever typographic illustrations.


Our Favorite One Page Event Websites of 2013


BarCamp 2013

BarCamp 2013 website

One page website promoting Omaha’s annual Barcamp “unconference.”


The Facebook Grill

The facebook grill website

This site uses parallax scrolling images and a fullscreen video about how the grill was made… awesome attention to detail here.


Life Fitness at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics


Impressive one page website campaign for ‘Life Fitness’, the #1 brand of health club products worldwide with lots of hidden surprises.


Manuel Hafner & Nadjas Cello

Manuel Hafner & Nadjas Cello featured

Responsive about page for an Austrian music duo, Manuel Hafner & Nadjas Cello. Some of the background photos are pretty funny, I appreciate their sense of humor:)


Our Favorite One Page Product Websites of 2013

Seattle Cider Company

Seattle Cider Company

Lovin’ this single page site for the ‘Seattle Cider Company’… It is warm and inviting, and I especially love the animated info-graphic section for the fermentation process.


Startup framework

Startup framework

Clean landing page design for a framework aimed at helping startups.


Plastique’s #SocialScar

Plastique’s #SocialScar

Love the fullscreen imagery here, and this site looks like it has all of the tracks available to preview. This is a great promotional site for an album.


Locals Apparel

Locals Apparel

Fresh responsive one pager for a clothing brand in Sweden called ‘Locals Apparel’.


Our Favorite One Page Landing Sites of 2013

Your Brain Map

Your Brain Map
Awesome interactive landing page that shows how the brain is mapped out and promotes their 84 strategies for quicker learning.


Ordinary Day

Ordinary Day
Awesome landing page for a South African Bank. It is long, animated, and full screen with details about how their investment services can help you.



KitKat Website

KitKat’s site features parallax and full-screen design with a large video that mocks Apple with an Android 4.4 parody commercial. This landing page is full of awesome!


A Day in Big Data

A day in big data information website

A day in Big Data shows the difference Big Data can make in our daily lives with info-graphics with a cool informational/sample video.


Our Favorite One Page Themes and Templates of 2013


The Town Coming Soon Template

The Town Coming Soon Template
Cool coming soon page with choice of full-screen video or image background.


The Mist

Very clean, coming soon theme.


MicroPage Theme

Best wordpress templates

MicroPage is a one page, clean, bold and powerful WordPress theme. The versatile design and smart page builder means that you can adapt this theme for any type of website.


New Look Template

Best HTMl templates

One Page Responsive Website Template which is perfectly designed and developed for your website.


The One HTML Template

Best HTMl templates

Minimal, clean and light one page template for business or personal website.


Red Sky

Best HTMl templates

Nice theme with cool parallax effects and a responsive design.


Town Retina Template

Best HTMl templates

Town is a clean and modern onepage template that is perfect for agencies, studios or for promoting your work.


Wilder Theme

Best HTMl templates

‘Wilder’ is a flat one page portfolio WordPress theme by AVAThemes.


Flatr Template

Best HTMl templates

Flatr is a responsive coming soon template, with your choice of video or photo background.


Jarvis Template

Best HTMl templates

Jarvis is the perfect one page parallax template for corporate, agency, nonprofit, freelancer or general business.


Cingle Theme

Best single page Theme

Cingle is a sweet WordPress theme that features an ultra responsive layout, and parallax animations.


Hexagon Theme

Hexagon Theme single page Theme

The ‘Hexagon’ Theme uses the hexagon theme throughout the site for icons and header sections.


Kutcher Studio Theme

Kutcher Studio Theme single page Theme

Very clean responsive single page WordPress theme called ‘Kutcher Studio’ by TVDA Themes


Pentagon Template

Pentagon Template single page Theme

Pentagon is fully Responsive one page template, built with modern technology HTML & CSS3.


Our Favorite One Page Fitness Websites of 2013


NBA All Stats

NBA All Stats most loved website

‘NBA All Stats‘ pulls data about the NBA since 1970 into a beautiful single page with infographics, CSS3 transitions, and lovely logo marks. Lot’s of cool effects and attention to detail here.


Create Pilates

Create Pilates most loved website

Very clean one pager with ajax loading content/pages for ‘Create Pilates’.


Our Favorite One Page Wedding Websites of 2013


Srofe Wedding Site

Srofe Wedding Site

Beautiful wedding website designed and built for future wife of a designer.


Terminal Wedding

Terminal Wedding Site 69 shantel

‘Terminal Wedding’ simulates an OSX terminal with gem commands to create an awesomely unique wedding invitation.


Rachel and Jason Get Married

Rachel and Jason Wedding Site

Single page vintage looking wedding announcement website for Rachel & Jason.


Artem & Julia are getting married

Artem & Julia are getting married Wedding Site

Colorful web site about Artem and Julia’s marriage story.


Our Favorite One Page Launching Soon Websites of 2013


Smashing Conference 2014

Smashing Conference 2014

Flat coming soon page for the upcoming Smashing Magazine’s 2014 conference in New York.


Days Coming Soon Template

Days Coming Soon Template Site

Clean dark-themed coming soon site called ‘Days’.



Gladeye Launching Soon Site

Colorful one page teaser site for a digital agency called ‘ Gladeye’ in Auckland, NZ.



Hey, I am Michael and I am from beautiful Southern California where it is pretty much always sunny and 70 degrees. When I am not running One Page Mania, I work as a designer and front-end developer for Spark Creative. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or by Email, especially if you have any suggestions on how I can improve OPM!

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